We implement compliant Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) screening programs 

Poor employee screening practices often result in lost productivity, theft and, in some cases, workplace violence, which can cost lives, damage a company's reputation and significantly lower future earnings.  

KlinkCheck can assist your company in mitigating these risks by implementing a compliant FCRA pre-screening program for all of your employees.

We provide high quality, compliant and accurate reports 

Our searches are individually tailored to fit your company’s information needs.  

Not only do we provide quality background reports, but we also offer training to business professionals facing the challenges of hiring. We can work with you to identify and resolve employee misconduct matters. 


Many of our clients have "high risk" employees who have access to significant company assets or customers' private information. In addition, for company or regulatory compliance reasons, your business may require continuing screening programs after an employee is hired and/or promoted. Continuing screening programs include:

  • Annual or Semi-Annual Background Checks
  • Monthly Monitoring for Healthcare Individuals or Entities
  • Driving Record Checks
  • Random Drug Screening

We design and implement on-going employee screening programs based on the client's risk levels and regulatory requirements.

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