A Virtual Handshake


KlinkCheck’s Applicant Entry Portal Makes Social Distancing a Breeze  

Organizations that are currently adhering to strict social distancing policies may find it challenging to connect with job candidates. Simple things like being able to collect paperwork to begin the hiring process are now more difficult. What if, instead of waiting for the fax, mail, or in-person delivery, you could connect with applicants digitally?  

KlinkCheck uses a digital, compliant Applicant Entry portal to eliminate the hassles of the hiring process. This system allows applicants to enter personal information directly into a secure web-based system and electronically sign required forms. 

How It Works  

Supported by the Adobe Document Cloud, the Applicant Entry portal is a great resource for hiring managers looking to move to a digital process. We set you up with a password and the system enables hiring to be largely a digital process, easier, faster, and easy-to-use for individuals working remotely.  

A Custom Approach  

Record Trail  
Our systems maintains secure, digital records. We preserve a comprehensive audit trail in the Adobe Document Cloud and it can be accessed at any time.  

Electronic Signatures 
Instead of waiting for an applicant to return a form granting permission, our system enables applicants to execute needed documents securely on a computer, tablet, or smart phone.  

Consolidated Reports  
Completed documents in the Applicant Entry portal are easy to download and can also be readily attached to your own documents.   

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