Better Hiring Through Better Screening



KlinkCheck answers 5 common questions from HR and hiring professionals.


Should all employees get the same screening? 

Think about it. Many companies hire CPAs and truck drivers but subject them to the same screening, meaning checking a credit report, driver's license and criminal records. Does that make sense? Are you expecting the same from a CPA as you are a truck driver? Tailor your screening to the requirements of the job.


Do I really need to verify experience and education? 

Many applicants falsify their experience and education. If you do not verify an applicant’s information, it is highly likely you will soon have an employee that you do not want. It may mean spending hours and hours of human resource’s time on that problem employee and possibly dealing with fraud, unemployment compensation or worse.


Does a violent criminal record matter? 

Applicants with a history of violence within the past 7 years are more likely to engage in violent acts against others, including co-workers.


Does a statewide criminal record search cover all criminal records? 

Statewide searches do not include federal criminal records or records from other states. Many times the information provided is not up to date in the state where you searched, and many states do not have a statewide depository. 


Do you guys just push a button and get the information? 

Screening is labor intensive, no way around it. Think about the trillions of public records, the thousands and thousands of common names, false social security numbers, and over 3,100 U.S. counties holding the records in dozens of different ways, let alone the data entry errors that challenge even the best of researchers. Effective pre-employment screening requires smart, thoughtful researchers who take the time to get right.



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