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Background Checks London

KlinkCheckT Background Checks protect professionals from making decisions based upon inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date information. Our secure web based investigative reports protect against claims of negligent hiring and negligent performance of professional responsibilities. We design and implement background checks to assure FCRA, international data privacy, and negligent hiring compliance. Unlike database vendors, we perform quality control checks on every report to assure that you are receiving accurate and useful information. We match the right person to the right record! KlinkCheck provides Data Protection Act employment background checks here and abroad. We have coverage in over 150 countries and we specialize in assisting our multinational clients in designing and implementing a uniformed global policy and procedure for background checks in the global markets where they operate. Our staff is well versed in the international privacy and regulatory requirements whether it involves jurisdictions such as the European Union, Australia, Asia and elsewhere.

Our parent company, Klink & Co., Inc., offers a wide variety of business services geared toward more in depth background and fraud investigations.

  • Transactional Due Diligence

  • Business Investigation/Intelligence

  • Litigation Support

  • Asset Searching

  • Computer Investigation

  • Forensic Accounting

Please see all of KlinkCheck’s available screening and resource tools.


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Background Checks London
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